Will your ear plugs let you listen to Nirvana? Ours will

So much more than just ear plugs

The latest version of bluetooth, teamed up with high sensitivity dynamic speakers with a wide frequency response to give you the best possible listening experience

Bluetooth 5

Our Bluetooth 5 modules have so many uses, we’ve lost count. On the surface, they let you connect to any bluetooth enabled device, but oh, the possibilities!

  • Take calls on your commute
  • Use music as a motivational tool while working out or shooting
  • Watch movies on the plane
  • Play back lectures while you study
  • Listen to audiobooks on the train
  • Keep in touch and entertained while you mow the lawn

We’re only scratching the surface here.

Pop them into your custom Vario moulds and you’ve got a state of the art Bluetooth unit that will never fall out, no matter how much you run/jump/sweat/play air guitar.

Bluetooth 5 Set


Already have your Vario moulds? No problem!

All you need is a set of the modules

Bluetooth 5 Modules Only