Safety first - including your ears

Home improvement doesn't have to mean hearing impairment

Power tools are loud, that’s no surprise. But did you know that they can damage your hearing in a very short time? Lawn mowers are loud enough to risk damaging your hearing after fifteen minutes of use. Some electric drills can cause damage in under a minute.

Revolution 2

The Vario Revolution 2 electronic modules are a fantastic all-rounder. They are loaded with two programs – Social (like having nothing in your ears, but cuts harmful noise down to a safe level), and Quiet (Softens all noise so you can focus, retaining situational awareness).

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Bluetooth 5

Vario’s Bluetooth modules allow you to take and make calls, without having to remove your earplugs. The latest Bluetooth 5 technology gives the fastest and most stable connection yet. Fitted into our custom silicone moulds, they provide a barrier against dangerous noise, while still maintaining situational awareness.


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Industrial Element

Heavy machinery, traffic, power tools – they can all have a huge impact on your hearing. Our Industrial Element combats all those things, while allowing you to hear what’s going on around you in a safe and controlled way, cutting down the risk of tinnitus, hyperacusis and noise induced hearing loss.


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DIY Element

The DIY Element is specially designed for light power tool use, mowing the lawn etc. They keep as much situational awareness as possible, while capping those harmful noises.

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