Travelling should never be a pain in the ear

We'll make sure you enjoy every minute

Holidays should start the second you leave home. With our Sky Modules and Bluetooth 5’s, you’ll love the journey as much as the destination

Bluetooth 5

With 10 hours of battery life and a quick charge time, our Bluetooth modules will keep you entertained with music, movies and audio books long after you’re over the “don’t the clouds look pretty” thing.

Enabled with the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, they are faster and more powerful than ever before. Team them up with a Bluetooth 5 smart device and you can now stream to two headsets at once – never again will a suspenseful thriller be ruined by your other half being ten seconds ahead of you.

With our custom fitted silicone moulds, you can be lulled to sleep by your favourite meditation app, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to scrabble around under the seat in front of you for that rogue bud that made a break for it – your Vario plugs will be right where you left them when you wake up.

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Sky Element

If you’ve never experienced it, it’s hard to imagine how excruciating cabin pressure changes can be. The pain and hearing loss can make holidays a misery before they have even begun. Our Sky plugs gently regulate the pressure changes, easing the take off and descent and allowing your poor ears more time to adjust.

While you’re in the air, they will also cut down cabin noise, deadening the snoring, screaming, farting and engine noise so you can get some shut eye.


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