We don’t compromise on sound quality, and neither should you

Our flat attenuating filters mean you don’t lose anything, especially not your hearing

Whether you are a session guitarist or an air guitarist, bringing Rodolfo to life in La bohème or are headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody – we have a solution for you

Bluetooth 5

Are you still using Bluetooth 4.2, or even 4.0 to listen to music?

Oh dear.

Grab yourself a set of our Bluetooth 5 modules and get a faster and more powerful audio connection than ever before. We’re backing that up with high sensitivity dynamic speakers with a wide frequency response to give you the best possible listening experience.

With our custom moulded plugs you can use them on the go, whether that’s on the plane, on your commute, down at the gym or to block out the annoying guy next to you at work. Slap on set of our generic tips and you can use them to keep the kids quiet in the back of the car. Magic!


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Symphony Element

Ok, maybe you’re more Radiohead than Rachmaninoff, but Vario’s Symphony Elements are still the way to go. Our pro-level flat attenuating filters give you high fidelity sound, but cut out the ringing in your ears, no matter how much you ramp up the amp.

Available in four dB ratings, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a Motörhead tribute band or are playing the organ on a Sunday morning – we’ve got you covered.

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Music Element

If you’re more a lover than a player and just want something to take the edge off those live gigs without breaking the bank, the Music Element is for you. Giving you full frequency audio, without the dangers of tinnitus (ringing in your ears), hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to sound) or noise induced hearing loss – the Music Element is a must for any music buff.

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