The Vario Novo is our first universal fit hearing protection device.

Hearing protection without compromise

Available in two models, the Novo is our single program, affordable, accessible hearing protection device.

Vario Novos come with 6 sets of replaceable eartips – small, medium and large in foam and silicone. No ear impressions, they’re ready to use straight out of the box.

Novo Natural

So close to your normal level of hearing, you won’t even realise they’re there until the gun goes off. The Novo Natural sounds as if you have nothing in your ears at all, but instantly supresses harmful levels of noise.

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Novo Enhanced

Looking for an advantage in the field? Boost your hearing with the Novo Enhanced. Hear things you wouldn’t normally, but still suppress gunshot instantaneously.

Hear the twang of the throwing arm, the rustle in the undergrowth, the flurry flurry of wings from behind – they’ll wonder how you picked that target up so quickly!

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