It's the programming that make these little beauties come alive

The Revolutions

What makes the Vario Revolution the most advanced product on the market?

Over 2,000,000 lines of code


Intelligent Battery Management

We’ve all done it.

You’ve finished shooting.

You get distracted.

You take your plugs out.

You put them in your shooting vest pocket.

You chuck the vest in the back of the car.

You pull them back out the following weekend.

The batteries are dead because you forgot to turn them off.


Well not anymore. The Revolutions are actively listening for harmful sounds. If it doesn’t hear anything worth worrying about for 2 hours, they tell you that they’re going to sleep. If you’ve forgotten about them, they will turn themselves off to save the battery. If you’re still using them, just press the button on the front of the module to restart the timer.

Stalking in deepest, darkest Scotland? Only letting one shot off a day? No problem. Like most aspects of the Revolutions, the timer can be reprogrammed and set for up to 8 hours.


Find more batteries

Vocal Announcements - No bleeps

The Revolutions talk to you. Lovingly referred to as Jill, the voice will welcome you, tell you which program you are in, when it’s going to sleep, when the battery is getting low, and say goodbye when you turn them off.

No more infernal bleeping.

Who is Jill?


As your hearing and preferences change, so can your Revolutions. Have them programmed as many times as you like to make sure you are always hearing what you want to hear.

If your hearing deteriorates, we can even customise each ear to your audiogram to help to compensate for the damage.

Additional programming


You don’t even have to scroll through all the programs anymore to find the one you use most. The Revolutions will turn themselves back on in the last program you used. They even remember it just long enough for when you have to change the batteries.

Ahhh, straight back into Social.

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