Our Range

Whether you're looking for custom made hearing protection, or an off the shelf earplug you can use straight out of the box, we've got you sorted.

How does it all work?

We specialise in electronic hearing protection and enhancement.

Whether you want to hear everything while you’re shooting, or nothing at all, we have the perfect device for you.

The Revolutions

The Revolutions are multiprogram, reprogrammable, level dependent, custom made earplugs.

They are the daddy of hearing protection.

Powered by hearing aid batteries, the Revolutions contain the most advanced programming on the market, providing you with unparalleled suppression and enhancement that can adapt with you to your surroundings.

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The Bluetooths

Our Bluetooth 5 modules let you connect to your phone or smart device. Use them on the plane, in the car, while you’re studying or any time you need to get in the zone.

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The Novos

Our newest electronic ear plugs, we created the Novos to be small but mighty.

Discreet, effective but very simple to use, the Novos have a single program that provides the perfect level of enhancement, while suppressing harmful noise immediately.

No ear impressions to worry about with the Novos, these universal fit devices are ready to use straight out of the box with a range of eartips to choose from.

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