We'll help you find your focus

Are you easily distra... Ooh look! A squirrel!

Get your head down when it really matters with Vario Hearables. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, or just concentration – we’ve got it sorted.

Bluetooth 5

If you are someone who focuses better when listening to music (most of us do), the Vario Bluetooth modules are for you. With up to 10 hours of battery life and a fast recharge time, they will see you through any cram session. In our custom silicone moulds, they won’t ever fall out of your ears (no matter how fidgety you get) and they’re so comfortable, you’ll forget you’ve got them in.

With the latest Bluetooth 5 technology they provide a faster and more powerful connection with fantastic quality audio, and when paired to a Bluetooth 5 smart device you can stream to two headsets at once so that your study buddy can suffer through that 3 hour lecture recording right alongside you (or just stream the latest episode of Rick and Morty and ask for an extension)


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Office Element

If music just induces an air guitar jam session and distracts you further (we’re not saying that’s a bad thing) and you just need something to cut down the background noise so you can focus, the Office Element is right up your street.

These modules are powerful enough to dull down traffic noise, snoring, the kids in the park, those people who keep ordering coffee in Starbucks (don’t they realise you just want to work?), but gentle enough that you’re still going to be aware of what’s going on around you. The filters in the Office Elements have minimal occlusion, so you’re not going to be distracted by the sound of your own heartbeat.

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