FAQ - How much do Revolutions cost?

Posted 21, October 2020

Our current range starts at £299 for a Revolution 2 set and goes up to £649 for a Revolution 6 set. Our sets include everything you need to get started – plugs, modules, case, batteries etc.

This also includes the cost of having your impressions taken when you take advantage of our voucher scheme with any of over 500 impression takers round the country.

The only extra expenses would be if you chose to have your impressions taken by someone not on our list (prices can vary from £25 to £100 on the high street), if you elected to have your programming customised to your audiogram (we charge £250 for this specialist service), or if you requested  our expedited turnaround service (£100 to have them shipped from our lab within three days of receiving your impressions).


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