Who is Jill?

Posted 11, July 2019

We love Jill.

Jill is the lovely voice you hear every time you turn on your Vario Revolutions, change programs, get a low battery, or when they turn themselves off because they haven’t heard a harmful sound for a couple of hours.

Jill is awesome.

Jill always says “Goodbye” in a cheerful voice, because she doesn’t give a rat’s behind that you couldn’t hit a barn door today.

Jill is also named after the lovely voice actress who recorded all the announcements for us.

When we were trying to find the perfect person to be the voice of Vario, we listened to hundreds of sample tapes from hundreds of actors and actresses. We were trawling through them for weeks. Each one had uploaded examples of their previous work, and we heard everything from garage door commercials to audiobooks.

Most of the time we were listening in the sanctuary of our own offices in Surrey, but we were running low on time and we had to make a decision. We were on a business trip, sat in an airport lounge, sipping a cappuccino, playing samples out loud on the laptop. The place was packed, so it just added to the general din. We were clicking from audio file to audio file, only seeing the actor’s name, when, just as the lounge went quiet, a the next sample began… “WELCOME… TO P***H*B CASINO”.

Our flight didn’t leave for another hour. The moral of the story? Never forget your Bluetooths 🙂

It wasn’t Jill by the way.

Thanks Jill!


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