How it all works

If you’ve never had custom moulds before, it can all seem a little daunting - but it couldn’t be more simple.

Our process

It couldn’t be more simple.

Get your impressions taken

We can take them for you or you can have them taken at your local audiologist and send them to us. Audiologists do charge for this service, but we will reimburse you when you order Revolutions*.

Choose your modules and silicone colours

You can marble up to three silicone colours and even have different combinations in each ear if you wish. Red white and blue are a firm favorite for example. Don’t forget your Revolution and Bluetooth modules, they have colour options too.

And then…

Once we have your impressions, within 20 working days (mainland UK) your new Vario Hearables set will be dispatched by tracked post. Our service doesn’t stop there. Please contact us with any questions, queries or feedback you may have. We love to hear from our clients.

90 day money back guarantee

Should you feel that your Varios are not for you for any reason, return them to us within 90 days of delivery and we will refund you in full.

Time goes by

As your ears continue to grow throughout your lifetime, we recommend that the fit of your silicone moulds is checked every three years, or six-monthly for children and young adults.

* To a maximum of £30

Contact us to arrange impressions

We have distributors around the country or we can help you find your local audiologist if you’re not local to us.

Get in touch