Ben Husthwaite

Multi World Champion and Coach

  • Gun: Krieghoff K80

  • Cartridges: Gamebore Dark Storm

  • Varios: Revolution 6

  • Shooting Since: 1985

  • Local Ground: Kibworth Shooting Ground

  • Disciplines: ESP, FSP, CSP, STR

  • Category: Senior

  • World Champion (ESP) (2010)

  • World Junior Champion (ESP) (1994)

  • English Open Champion (ESP) (2001)

  • World Champion (FSP) (2006)

  • World Junior Champion (FSP) (1998)

  • European Champion (FSP) (2002, 2008)

  • European Junior Champion (FSP) (1998)

  • Dutch GP Champion (FSP) (2011, 2012, 2015)

  • English Open Champion (FSP) (2002)

  • English Open Junior Champion (FSP) (1998)

  • British Grand Prix Champion (CSP) (2015)

  • World Champion (STR) (2006, 2008)

  • British Open Champion (STR) (2004, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2013)

  • English Open Champion (ESK) (2000)

Influenced by his father, Malcolm, Ben was introduced to shooting at an early age. It was intended as a father-son activity, which his father saw they could do together. Shooting would later become his career, it wasn’t something which he chose but rather it chose him. After winning many competitions as a junior and giving others tuition from the age of 14, it was a career path in which Ben could clearly excel.

On his first outing, he showed a natural flare for the sport. Ben enjoyed the joys of Game and clay shooting equally, but through his other love of Rugby Football, he found that the game season clashed with the football season, so he found himself more drawn to clays.

Ben’s greatest shooting moment was winning the World FITASC in 2006 and more recently the World Sporting in 2010.

Ben was the first person to shoot 100 straight in Sportrap, and the first person to put in 100 straight at the World Championship.